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Hey guys! 
I just wanted to share some of my recent KONADicures with you.  I don't have the ability to right click on my laptop anymore, so I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures on here from my phone.  Sad, I know.  
So here is what I've been doing with my Monster Bundle. 
This one was for my anniversary.  I was wearing a navy and cream striped sweater.  It's a navy ELF polish and thin white Konad anchor on my thumbs and stripes on my middle fingers.  LOVE!
This was just random.  Having fun.  White and Black Zebra print!  

                      This was just the thumb, the only one that was Konad'ed.  I loved this manicure!

I'm currently wearing a blue glitter with white and silver snowflakes.  I will post once I'm able to upload pictures!

Thanks for all the love, people!

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
My oh my!  I just found the coolest thing!  
An ONLINE dollar store for NAILS!  Below I will be listing some of the beauties that I found and am drooling over.  Also hoping that someone that loves me sees this and buys me some nail stuff for Christmas!
Click HERE to see what I mean!

I couldn't decide which of the "ice chips" glitters I liked best, but fortunately they have the 10-pc set for $8.50!!

I found a few other things on Amazon that I really liked as well.
Oh, Matte Magic.  This would rock with shiny polish and Konad stamping!!  $5.99 at Amazon.
Black Crackle Polish.  $6.15 at Amazon.

Nubar Polish creates THIS:
Nubar 2010 is $7 at Amazon.


Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Today was my day off!  Oh how relaxing.  NOT!
I had a two-hour meeting at work this morning.  But at least I got my paycheck today!  But then the computers at my bank were down.  So I had to go to the bank the check was drawn from.  Fine.  But they couldn't give me a money order for rent since I don't have an account there.  So, I went to Albertson's to get a money order.  Drove across town to pay rent then back across town towards home to make the car payment.  
Anyways, the time that I spent at Wells Fargo waiting for them to figure out the computer problem I learned that you can customize your debit card.  COOL!  Here's a Google Example:
I decided that I want to customize a card with a picture of my dog.  Please help me decide on a picture.  
Diva Dog with shades!

Baby Marilyn!
Beach Dog!
Cute pup in the grass!

Pup chewing on wood...

    So, which picture should I choose??  Please help. 

P.S.  If you are a Wells Fargo customer and want to customize your card too--> Sign into  Click on the Account Services tab.  Under Account Services, click on Access Card Design Studio.  Upload your picture and manipulate to your liking.

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
I do this every year.  It helps me keep organized and also poses room for other people's opinions and reviews on the items that I like and/or want.  However, this is all a list of things that I want.  Ha.  A Holiday Wish List, perhaps.  However, I just wanted to post some of these things all in one place.  I love love love AMAZON. 
Everyone that knows me knows how much I love to sit down with a cup of tea and do my nails.  Just this past year I've discovered SO many more designs and ideas for nail design.  I still seek a few new tools though.  And they are as follows:
This is a Belson Nail Dryer from Amazon.  $18.50

I also found SO many GORGEOUS polish sets.  I just had to list my four favorites!!!!!
Kleancolor Glitter set at Amazon.  $9 

OPI Shrek Collection on Amazon.  $30.42. 
      Kleancolor Neon Brights at Amazon. $11
10 NailArt Wheels with TONS of glitter!!! ENDLESS possibilities! $17.99

You know there is also something that I have been looking for for years and I can only find it online these days.  The Swan DVD.  Did anyone see this show in 2004?  It was basically "average" looking women getting 10+ surgical procedures to compete in a beauty contest.  The most plastic wins.  The show was cancelled after one season.  But it was so interesting to see that some women really believe that they must change their entire exterior to be beautiful.  Very interesting show.
   The Swan at Amazon. $15.59

Thanks for checking out My Cup Of Tea and my Christmas list. 

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
I told you guys that I would be back with a few things.  Here is post #1.  Here are a few things that I have been drooling over lately and really want for Christmas.  
Number one is Acrylic Make-up organizers.  Sorta like the ones that the Kardashians have, but I'm sure much cheaper.  
This first one is four drawers with measurements 7 1/4'tall x 5 3/8"wide x 4 7/8"deep. 
This awesome organizer is a WHOPPING $14.99

Number two is just plain NECESSARY!  
This little caddy measures 3 1/2"tall x 12"wide x 3 1/2"deep. 

There are nine compartments perfect for mascara/lipstick/lip gloss.  And two deep compartments in the back designed for brushes.  Also includes three other spaces for various cosmetics.  
This little number runs $21.99. 

Both storage containers can be found at The Easy Living Store

You can store your makeup like the stars for less than $40. 

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Sorry guys.  
I know that I have been MIA for a little over a month now. 
I have had so much on my plate. 
But I have tons of new things that I will be posting about:
New project ideas
New Amazon Monster Bundle
Nail Projects
Halloween Costumes
New Car

Man, my life has been really busy lately, and I apologize to my kickass followers that I have not upheld my end of this bargain.  I will soon, I promise.  

**Also an issue is the fact that I have a half functioning laptop**