Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
My oh my!  I just found the coolest thing!  
An ONLINE dollar store for NAILS!  Below I will be listing some of the beauties that I found and am drooling over.  Also hoping that someone that loves me sees this and buys me some nail stuff for Christmas!
Click HERE to see what I mean!

I couldn't decide which of the "ice chips" glitters I liked best, but fortunately they have the 10-pc set for $8.50!!

I found a few other things on Amazon that I really liked as well.
Oh, Matte Magic.  This would rock with shiny polish and Konad stamping!!  $5.99 at Amazon.
Black Crackle Polish.  $6.15 at Amazon.

Nubar Polish creates THIS:
Nubar 2010 is $7 at Amazon.


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4 Responses
  1. JaimieSKS Says:

    You're funny. I've never met anyone so crazy over nails :) That's what makes you Cherish though. By the way, HAPPY two days :)

  2. Prettyfulz Says:

    oooohh ur english rose nails came out soo good. I recently ordered from there and I could NOT get the english rose foil to work for me at all. lol

  3. Those aren't mine, just a picture that I googled to show an example.

  4. ashley Says:

    i wanna try the crackle!