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I love my color-changing Obama mug.  Maybe one day I will learn to use my camera. Sorry for the horrid picture.  
I know I suck at blogging lately but with all that's going on with me, I've been very busy.  I will be back with tons and tons of updates and projects.  Please keep an eye out.  Either this weekend or the beginning of next week.  Stay tuned....

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea

 Spring has SPRUNG!!  I can't wait for camping, hiking, and summer skirts!  Oh, and the flowers!!!
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Before I'm asked, YES this does warrant it's own post.  Boot Hangers.  I was browsing Martha Stewart's site and found these babies. 

 As a boot lover, these are a must have.  I want.  That's it. 
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
What would you do with $25 from HomeGoods, Pier1, Jo-Ann's, Michaels, Ballard Designs, Home Depot or Lowe's?  Post a comment to let me know, then zoom on over to Room Remix to enter!!!
Thanks for stopping by, everyone. 
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Dear Reader(s):
Surgery went well.  They didn't have to "extend the wound" as they expected.  Today was the first day of Physical Therapy, I cried.  It's difficult and painful.  But something I learned today really cheered me up.  One of my favorite my-age-actors is going through the same thing.  Shia Labeouf got into a car accident on February 10th and needs 3 surgeries on his left hand.  Besides, he's hot.  Case-in-point:
& was an adorable kid:

Oh, and who doesn't love this:

I've also included a picture of my pitiful post-surgery cast:

& if you dare: