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Let me start by telling you a little bit about my best friend Rudolfo, or Rudy as we like to call him.  He's 22 and attending BSU for some complicated Engineering crap.  We met in high school.  Me a senior, him a junior.  He was a chubby peach-fuzzed goofball, and I was the new chubby girl at school.  We met in Mythology & Bible Lit, which was taught by tiny Asian she-devil.  We were partners on some b.s. project, and he gave me his e-mail address to communicate about the project.

Here we are 6 years later with different lives and still best friends.  Well, just recently was my bestie's 22nd birthday.  I'm here in Washington and he's off in Idaho.  So I decided I was going to send him a care package.
I threw some random stuff in there to take up space really.  I finished off Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Park (after starting him two years ago) and threw him in there.  I made a card from white card stock and a Dutch Bros. bumper sticker (not kidding).  It's main message was, "I'd be much more into your birthday if it were my birthday" and I made a haphazard bullet-list of our memories.  I threw some condoms in there with crude sayings on them including "Shag bag" and "Don't be silly, wrap your willy".  And I made some truffles, wrapped them in wax paper and tied them off with some string and beads. 
The picture quality is terrible, I know.  But it's all there.  He loved it.

Post Script: I will be posting the recipe for the truffles and my take on them a little after Thanksgiving.  I'll also be posting photos of the our Annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck.
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
If you've been in a store lately you've seen Mary-Kate Olsen on the covers of trash magazines.  Some calling her "fat", "bloated" and "unhealthy".  BUT at 94 pounds she is healthy and beautiful?  Didn't we rule out anorexia and realize it was drugs?  Wasn't she in rehab?  At 5'2" 94 pounds is not cute, sorry MK.

At a healthy 130, she's being ostracized.
Other than the ugly shoes and caught-off-guard photo I think she looks great.

What is a perfect physique?  Matter of opinion?  Matter of time?  Matter of society's view?

Look at what's average height/weight/measurements and then look at Barbie's.

Or think about this.  In 1983 the Sweet Valley High twins wore “a perfect size 6.” In 2008, they wear “a perfect size 4.”  Victoria's Secret models are "a perfect size 2".

Give me a break.  The perfect size is the size that YOU feel comfortable with.  I'm 5'3" and my goal weight is 130.  Go figure.  I wanna be as fat as Mary-Kate.


Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
I tend to not say things are "my favorite" because my tastes and style changes so much.  So does my mind.  I'm a finicky creature, ya know.  But right now, I reealllly love Raquel Aparicio and her eccentricity.

Don't you love her??