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I do this every year.  It helps me keep organized and also poses room for other people's opinions and reviews on the items that I like and/or want.  However, this is all a list of things that I want.  Ha.  A Holiday Wish List, perhaps.  However, I just wanted to post some of these things all in one place.  I love love love AMAZON. 
Everyone that knows me knows how much I love to sit down with a cup of tea and do my nails.  Just this past year I've discovered SO many more designs and ideas for nail design.  I still seek a few new tools though.  And they are as follows:
This is a Belson Nail Dryer from Amazon.  $18.50

I also found SO many GORGEOUS polish sets.  I just had to list my four favorites!!!!!
Kleancolor Glitter set at Amazon.  $9 

OPI Shrek Collection on Amazon.  $30.42. 
      Kleancolor Neon Brights at Amazon. $11
10 NailArt Wheels with TONS of glitter!!! ENDLESS possibilities! $17.99

You know there is also something that I have been looking for for years and I can only find it online these days.  The Swan DVD.  Did anyone see this show in 2004?  It was basically "average" looking women getting 10+ surgical procedures to compete in a beauty contest.  The most plastic wins.  The show was cancelled after one season.  But it was so interesting to see that some women really believe that they must change their entire exterior to be beautiful.  Very interesting show.
   The Swan at Amazon. $15.59

Thanks for checking out My Cup Of Tea and my Christmas list. 

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