Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
As promised I am back with a project.  It's not the one that you expected to see pictures of, but it was still fun.  I used melted crayons to decorate some candles.  It was a cheap DIY, actually free.  I had the candles already and stole some crayons from my step-daughter.  

The first one was created by carving zig-zags into the candle, melting wax into the groove and removing the access with a knife.  The second candle was created just dripping a small amount of black, grey, and silver on the candle, the third was the same but I let the colors run.  

I really like the way they turned out and surprisingly, so did my honey.  The zig-zag is my favorite.  The drippy one on the far right is my honey's favorite.  

What about you?
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Keep your eyes open, I will be posting lots and lots of new projects here in the near future.  Thanks to all my loyal bloggers.  
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Well, hello again:
I get so darn bored on weekends when my honey is at work and the kids are outside playing, the roomie is napping on the couch.  So, I sat down with my tub of nail polishes and my Konad.  
Can you tell there was a sale on Wet N' Wild polish at one point?  LOL!  I love love love my Barielle clear coat, it makes my polish last more than a week.  $6 at TJ Maxx!  

And the final product?
Red covered with white hearts.  If you take a peek at my massive thumb you can see the pretty new scar.  Looks years old, doesn't it?  It's huge from all the scar tissue because I dropped out of Physical Therapy earlier than I should have.  I finally got to go back to work last week.  It was awesome, I missed my clients so much and they missed me.  I got big hugs when I arrived.  

On another note, I apologize for the lousy pictures.  One of these days I will learn to use my camera or I will get a dummy-proof camera.  :) 
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Now that my thumb is all healed, I'm enjoying the small things in life again.  I know that sounds plain silly.  But I can crochet again!!  Yay!  So, I basically made up a pattern in my head and went with it.  I'm making my step-daughter a skirt for the summer.  She loves brown.  So without further adieu:

Cute, huh?  

It will have a dark brown liner, two more rows of the variable brown and be worn with brown tights.  I lurv the pattern.  If anyone has ever read my posts about crocheting you'll know that I am uneducated on reading and interpreting patterns but I know how to do the stitches.  So, I usually make things up in my head.  They rarely turn out like planned.  However, this did!!  I'm excited.  I will surely post a photo of the finished product with her wearing it!! 

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Hello there fellow bloggers:

Once again, I apologize for my scarcity in blogging and my neglect of my blog.  I am back.  I have tons to post, so bare with me. I bought a vintage military trunk from Goodwill last week to use as my coffee table.  I only paid $25, but the downside was that it was locked.  My roommate finally got the lock popped yesterday and there were two bags of wood chips in there and a newspaper from 1949.  I took some (rather lousy) photos.  

This paper has me thoroughly shocked and interested.  I will post a few excerpts for your shock and interest. 
Special Notices:
"CONGENIAL YOUNG WOMAN would like to take person or persons in my car for pleasure or business, anywhere, anytime; $1.50 per hour."
Help Men (Job ads are segregated for men and for women):
"BUTCHER, white; good hours; good pay; must be experienced and sober."
Help Women
"CLERK, to take care of garage office, some knowledge of bookkeeping, pay-roll, switchboard, some typing, single with pleasing personality, 35 to 40 yrs."
There are 3 bd apartments for $73/mn.  There are 8-bd houses for sale for $12,500.  There are brand new cars for $1,200. 

This paper is really cool.  I will be finding the coolest pieces and framing them.