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I thought I would keep everyone in the loop.  My surgery was postponed until March 2, because my doctor is sick.  So, I'm just sitting around waiting until I can start the healing/rehabilitation process.  I am using up all my PTO and I have to switch shifts for three weeks.  So I am the newest graveyard as of Monday.  BOO!  I will certainly keep everyone updated. 
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Here are two more scarves I actually finished before "lacerating a digit".
This is what I did with the left over camoflauge yarn from the ultra long scarf for my boss.

&& this one is for someone that has yet to receive it, so I will leave it at that.  It's a closer knit mesh.  I'm really having fun experimenting with mesh patterns...
&& here is the beginning of a surprise experimental project...

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
I've been stuck at home due to an injury to my hand, so I thought I'd make the best of it and completely make-over my blog.  What do YOU think?  Opinions, please!!!!!

So, I know I'll get e-mails asking what happened if I don't spill the beans, so....I used to store my nail polish in a glass vase, til Saturday.  I caught the vase as it was falling from the shelf.  It shattered in my hand, so now I have to have surgery ((Thursday)) to repair tendons and nerves in my right thumb.

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Wipe up the drool!  Compose yourself!  You, too, reader(s).  I always talk to myself when I'm excited!  Lushae is offering $5,000 in their beautiful designs.  All you have to do is add one of their various buttons to your blog.  Such as this one:
Hehe.  Cute.  
Here are some of my favorites.  

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
I really will shut up about scarves for a while after this post, PROMISE!  But I finished three scarves this weekend.  I'm so excited!!!
Fairly stiff, very WARM scarf.  Given to Step-dad's wife for Christmas. 

SUPER long camoflauge scarf.  My boss requested this one, and it seemed like a fun idea.  To get a feel of how long this thing really is, think about this: I'm 5'3", wrapped once this scarf hits the ground.  She loves it! 

Long burgundy cowl-neck scarf.  I picked this yarn up at Wal*Mart on a whim, and I really like it.  It has flecks of your primary colors in it.  Very cute.  No owner yet.   
And I bought these shoes because they were $10 and so unique and cute.  I mean, tan suede "converse wanna-be's" with faux fur lining.  Problem:  What in the hell do I wear these with?  What would you wear them with?  
Thanks for reading, everyone. 
Please come back. 
Please comment. 
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
I really wanted to make a real simple mesh scarf.  So I copied the pattern from the oh so many beautiful mesh scarves on Flickr.  And I decided that I should go with a simple color.  Now, I really want a royal purple one with smaller gaps.  Here's my mesh scarf:
The pictures aren't real clear, but the scarf color is cream.  
Here are some of my drool-worthy inspirations:
The list just goes on and on....
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
True to my New Year's Resolution, I'm working on getting rid of my debt this year.  I started the year with $3,078.65 of personal debt.  This includes my car, payday loan and apartment debts.  That's all accumulated within a year's time.  Let's see how long it takes to erase.  It's  been a month, I'm down to $2,838.40.  Not bad, huh?  

And here are some pictures from my 24th Birthday party!
Dahianna, Me, Magali

Ah, my friends know and love me.  Drink of choice--Disaronno && Cranberry Juice!  YUM!

I will be back soon to let you know what else is new.  I intend for this to be a big year for myself.  Watch out, world!!!