Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
So, as promised here are the entries for the contest that I entered.  There are 44 entries.  Some will be redundant to my usual readers.  But some will be very new to you all.  Each has a caption stating what it is.  As always, if you have a question about what polish or stamp I've used, you can always feel free to ask. 
 I did this one for Autism Awareness Month.  Clouds with a white dove. 
 Pink and Black Zebra Print.
 These are still, by far, one of my favorites.  They were so fun to do. 
 Yellow Zebra Print.
 Getting tired of Zebra Print?  I think there's one more in here...
 Black with Silver Butterflies.
 Shades of Purple Leopard.
 These were my Easter Nails!
 Hello Kitty Pretty!
 Birds of a feather!  She said this one was acceptable!
 Bunnies and glitter!!!!!!!! **Said in the voice of Flo**  ((Tell me if you get it...))
 Butterflies.  I honestly did not care for these AT ALL. 
 Sassy Kitty Nails.  I looooooved these!!
 Lizard Nails.  These were cool.
 Piggy nails!  My bf loves these. 
 Goat nails.  My best friend loved these. 
 Dead fish in the sea....
 Peacock nails.  Sometimes I wish I could copyright my designs. 
 Copper Monkeys.  CUTENESS!
 Froggies on their lillypads. 
 Panda time!!!
 Just some bears!!
 These turned out cool, too!
 Scorpion/Star Nails.  I really think I'll do these again.  At least the stars.  I love the way they are the perfect shape for my nails...
 Asian kitties.  I think...Not sure.  But they are cute.
 Ladybugs.  Of course my other bestie loved these, she's in love with ladybugs.
 Kissing Swans.  I will definitely be duplicating these for Valentine's Day or perhaps an anniversary!
 Ugly duckling.
 Ok, normally I wouldn't post a pic of a pedicure but I wanted just one more entry...I HATE my feet.
 Zebra tips.
 Glittery Zebra..
 These would be perfect for a dinner at Red Lobster!
 Purple Kitties.
 Haha, cow nails!!
 Puppydog nails!
 Pink kitties!
 Orange Zebras!
Oregon State Beavers.

Sooo....What does everyone think?  Opinions.  What's your favorite(s)???