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Today was my day off!  Oh how relaxing.  NOT!
I had a two-hour meeting at work this morning.  But at least I got my paycheck today!  But then the computers at my bank were down.  So I had to go to the bank the check was drawn from.  Fine.  But they couldn't give me a money order for rent since I don't have an account there.  So, I went to Albertson's to get a money order.  Drove across town to pay rent then back across town towards home to make the car payment.  
Anyways, the time that I spent at Wells Fargo waiting for them to figure out the computer problem I learned that you can customize your debit card.  COOL!  Here's a Google Example:
I decided that I want to customize a card with a picture of my dog.  Please help me decide on a picture.  
Diva Dog with shades!

Baby Marilyn!
Beach Dog!
Cute pup in the grass!

Pup chewing on wood...

    So, which picture should I choose??  Please help. 

P.S.  If you are a Wells Fargo customer and want to customize your card too--> Sign into  Click on the Account Services tab.  Under Account Services, click on Access Card Design Studio.  Upload your picture and manipulate to your liking.

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2 Responses
  1. Katie W Says:

    I like the 4th picture best! or the one thats a few posts down of her in the sand. shes so cute!

  2. JaimieSKS Says:

    The google example looks like a penis. Just sayin :)

    I say you go with the one that Jon took of her in the grass. She's so freakin cute.