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Well, hello again:
I get so darn bored on weekends when my honey is at work and the kids are outside playing, the roomie is napping on the couch.  So, I sat down with my tub of nail polishes and my Konad.  
Can you tell there was a sale on Wet N' Wild polish at one point?  LOL!  I love love love my Barielle clear coat, it makes my polish last more than a week.  $6 at TJ Maxx!  

And the final product?
Red covered with white hearts.  If you take a peek at my massive thumb you can see the pretty new scar.  Looks years old, doesn't it?  It's huge from all the scar tissue because I dropped out of Physical Therapy earlier than I should have.  I finally got to go back to work last week.  It was awesome, I missed my clients so much and they missed me.  I got big hugs when I arrived.  

On another note, I apologize for the lousy pictures.  One of these days I will learn to use my camera or I will get a dummy-proof camera.  :) 
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