Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Now that my thumb is all healed, I'm enjoying the small things in life again.  I know that sounds plain silly.  But I can crochet again!!  Yay!  So, I basically made up a pattern in my head and went with it.  I'm making my step-daughter a skirt for the summer.  She loves brown.  So without further adieu:

Cute, huh?  

It will have a dark brown liner, two more rows of the variable brown and be worn with brown tights.  I lurv the pattern.  If anyone has ever read my posts about crocheting you'll know that I am uneducated on reading and interpreting patterns but I know how to do the stitches.  So, I usually make things up in my head.  They rarely turn out like planned.  However, this did!!  I'm excited.  I will surely post a photo of the finished product with her wearing it!! 

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