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Hello there fellow bloggers:

Once again, I apologize for my scarcity in blogging and my neglect of my blog.  I am back.  I have tons to post, so bare with me. I bought a vintage military trunk from Goodwill last week to use as my coffee table.  I only paid $25, but the downside was that it was locked.  My roommate finally got the lock popped yesterday and there were two bags of wood chips in there and a newspaper from 1949.  I took some (rather lousy) photos.  

This paper has me thoroughly shocked and interested.  I will post a few excerpts for your shock and interest. 
Special Notices:
"CONGENIAL YOUNG WOMAN would like to take person or persons in my car for pleasure or business, anywhere, anytime; $1.50 per hour."
Help Men (Job ads are segregated for men and for women):
"BUTCHER, white; good hours; good pay; must be experienced and sober."
Help Women
"CLERK, to take care of garage office, some knowledge of bookkeeping, pay-roll, switchboard, some typing, single with pleasing personality, 35 to 40 yrs."
There are 3 bd apartments for $73/mn.  There are 8-bd houses for sale for $12,500.  There are brand new cars for $1,200. 

This paper is really cool.  I will be finding the coolest pieces and framing them. 

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