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True to my New Year's Resolution, I'm working on getting rid of my debt this year.  I started the year with $3,078.65 of personal debt.  This includes my car, payday loan and apartment debts.  That's all accumulated within a year's time.  Let's see how long it takes to erase.  It's  been a month, I'm down to $2,838.40.  Not bad, huh?  

And here are some pictures from my 24th Birthday party!
Dahianna, Me, Magali

Ah, my friends know and love me.  Drink of choice--Disaronno && Cranberry Juice!  YUM!

I will be back soon to let you know what else is new.  I intend for this to be a big year for myself.  Watch out, world!!!
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  1. Adam Says:

    Good for you C. Do what you gotta do gurl. Good luck with working down your debt. Stay positive and keep plugging away.