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We were Downtown yesterday.  I wanted to go to Spanky's (only to realize they had closed).  So we decided to walk down to Turtle Place as we'd heard they put up a new sculpture.  Indeed they did!  I love it!  VERY Pacific NW!
It's a bunch of outdated equipment from Clark Public Utilities, C-Tran, & the department of the city in charge of street signals.  It's to remind us to Conserve, Reuse & Recycle.  I think it's absolutely genius, not to mention just plain awesome! The very top is an old street light where the water comes from making it a fountain!

Here is the mural, taken before the sculpture was moved here.  It now sits right about where that white pick-up is.

I really enjoy the character that Vancouver has to offer, I don't see myself ever moving from here.

**Keep in mind this used to be a transit center.  Much better!!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    no. move back to beaverton!