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So, it's almost here!!! Halloween!!!  MY favorite holiday of the year.  I'm going ALL hand-made this year.  I've already decided that I'm going to tweak the idea of the first costume and be a peacock.  I'm trying to gather REAL peacock feathers for the skirt though!  I have ideas for Marcus and Kyndra but I have to run it by them first!  Anyways, handmade halloweens are always the most fun.  So I've found some awesome Flickr photos of handmade halloween costumes.
Why do babies in costumes always cry?

Lela from Futurama!  Awesome!----This is the one that I am altering for myself, great idea!  I love peacocks!

If you have found any other cool ideas, please feel free to post them in my comments!  Thank you for visiting, hope to see you all again soon!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    that peacock one is bad ass!

  2. Kenia Says:

    Its really a fun experience to make your own Halloween costumes. Last year I got some nice costumes from Costume Kingdom.

  3. Momma Snail Says:

    When you make your costume, you will have to add it to my handmade Halloween blog carnival: