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So, as I promised here are the pictures from the camping trip we took this weekend out at Mt. Hood National Forest.
Just waiting in the car, while the boyfriend picks up supplies for the camping trip.
Best way to keep a kid quite on an hour and a half car ride?  Movies.
Look how patiently she is waiting to get there.
A bird petrified on a log, seriously.  Weird. 
This was the view from our tent.  I love falling asleep to the sound of water.
Some of our crew.
This is one of the tubs at Bagby Hot Springs, I took this picture from GOOGLE since it was too dark when we went to take pictures.  But this was the exact same tub that we were in.  
We really did have a great time.  We were down there Friday, Saturday and came back mid-Sunday since I had to work at 5pm.  The hot springs were a ten-minute drive and an hour hike from our camp site.  But MAN, was it worth it.  Hot tubs in nature???  LOVELY!
However, there were injuries, as there always are.  Including but not limited to two people with cut up feet (from walking barefoot), and my boyfriend fell down a hill, and was pushed down another.  A friend of ours fell down a cliff.  It was horrible, but there was alcohol to soothe all the ailments.  Nothing too serious.  
Oh, and our dog went into heat on the trip.  Not even 10 months old yet, and she's already a woman.  They grow up so fast, don't they?  Anyone got a male all-white Amstaff that they want to breed?
All-in-all it was a very fun trip.  I was glad to get to spend a whole weekend with my little family unit.  The best part was that cell phones didn't work up there, so not bothers.  Although I had 6 voicemails and 13 text messages once we got back into cell phone range.  I'm an on-call employee with my second job so I was very thankful that my phone didn't work all weekend.  
If you want a beautiful, cheap, relaxing weekend away and you live in the Pacific Northwest I would DEFINITELY recommend checking out Bagby Hot Springs.  It's right outside of Estacada.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like u had fun..i wish i would have gone