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Dahianna, did you know that your name means "valley"?  NOW, where can I take this?  Valley girl?  Nah.  Peaks and vallies ((she has huge knockers!!))??  Oh well, on another note--I missed you!!
Okay folks, this is the story of Me & D!  I was 19.  I was working at Subway and living in a ghetto 1200 sq. ft. $400/mn. apartment in the shittiest part of town.  A girl came in while I was closing, so irritated with my lack of confidence in my own future; I was angry-face and throwing veggies around.  She told me that I could be an Optician for way more pay+commission.  And they TRAIN YOU!  How cool!  I was all over it.  This isn't the girl this story is about.  I applied.  I got the job.  I met my second-in-command manager, Dahianna.  Beautiful and sweet Mexican girl about my age.  We quickly became inseparable!
 Let's fast-forward 2 years.  I met this guy, we won't say who.  He tried to control me and honestly succeeded a bit.  I started taking out all my anger on all my closest friends and realized I'd lost them all.  Even Dahianna.  
Finally after I realized I deserved better and moved on, I tried making contact with all those old friends again.  So, first call?  DAHIANNA, naturally!  We made up!  And now, two years after breaking up with that douche, I can confidentally say that D is one of my best friends.  
She is ALWAYS there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, an opinion to ruin my day, anything.
Dahianna--I love you, girl.  You're one of the most beautiful people I know.  And who could make a cuter baby than this? 
And her husband, Sean.  Well, he's just a kook.  We love him, I couldn't think of a more beautiful couple!! I love you guys!!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Best blog ever! That was awesome...I heart ur guts! I cant believe Ive known you for so long! but we will be friends forever.