Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
Hi y'all!
I'm back to tell you guys some exciting news. We are getting our new roof installed!!!
After much dancing around and looking for just the right company we found one.  We picked the shingle, the color, the underlayment and we scheduled it.  
First appointment:  It was too hot and they had to reschedule. 
Second appointment:  It was too rainy so they had to schedule.  
Third appointment: THIRD TIME'S A CHARM!  They started two days ago and should be done tomorrow.  
Here is a picture after laying the underlayment and starting on the shingles!
We chose ANTIQUE BLACK and the house is actually a dark sage green.  We just painted three months ago.  I will post a blog about that soon!  I will post a before and after in a few days!  But it looks great so far and we are really excited to have it done before winter arrives!!!

Thanks for reading!!