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Ok, so it's my 100th post so I gotta kick it off right. I entered a contest to win the new Bundle Monster set.  I really need everyone's support here. 
I don't want to post all the rules here, but basically I had to use the first set of Bundle Monster plates to create a design to enter into the contest.  They are picking 25 winners to win these plates.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE, find the post titled "SINGLE VALENTINE'S" and click LIKE!!!  You know you wanna!  I really need you guys' help!  These are so amazing and I just HAVE to have them!  I promise I will post lots and lots of cool manis if I win these!
Another set of news, there's another release for the set.  And an example of the full nail design!!  YAY!!
 Now, how cute is this? She used both of the top left hand stamps and look how well they cover!  

Thanks for reading EVERYONE! I love you all and please please please VOTE for me!
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  1. I'll vote for you. It's a really cute design!