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Hi there, 
I don't really know where to start today.  I will leave the BIG news for last.  First, here is my newest polish haul:
Beautiful Girl by Sinful Colors (Very Eastery!)
Unicorn by Sinful Colors 
Frenzy by Sinful Colors (I just LURV multi colored glitters!)
I decided to buy a few cheap Fauxnad plates from Chez Delaney.  Here they are and what design made me decide to purchase them.  
I bought this one because of the clouds and criss cross pattern.  Oh, so many ideas!!!
I bought this one because I love every single design on it...Other than the weird paisley looking flower.

If you know me, you know I bought this one for the leopard print!  But I also LOVE the zebra heart and the bunny!  With Easter coming up, I thought this one will make some adorable manis!

I bought this one solely for the tooth, cause I think it'll be cute to wear to the dentist.  I also love the dove and the ladybugs!

With shipping and tax I only paid $27 for these four!
Now for the BIG news, are you ready?

Bundle Monster is coming out with a second line of plates!!  EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!  There's more NEWS!  There will be 25 instead of the 21.  AND they've listened to our constructive criticism and the full nail designs will be a bit larger!

And without further adieu, here is a sneak peek!

How adorable!  I love the star tips, the piano keys and the swan!  I cannot wait for more sneak peeks and for the set to finally come out.  I don't know what the price will be yet, but I'm hoping they stay as affordable as the first set!  We are looking at about three more weeks until they are released!  I know, I know.....EXCITING!  I will be purchasing them as soon as they are released!

**Edit: Sinful Colors Unicorn photo belongs to I simply googled these photos, if any belong to you let me know and I will certainly give credit where credit is due. Thanks!
4 Responses
  1. Valerie Says:

    My daughter is going to LOVE your blog! She loves to try out new nail designs. Thanks for visiting today! :)

  2. What, what, what? Is this true? Bundle monster is coming out with another set of plates?! Amazing! Do you know if it will be available on Amazon?

  3. Very true. Im sure they will be on Amazon. I apologize, I accidentally deleted your other comment.

  4. Hi Cherish!

    Please make sure that you give credit where it's due when you "borrow" a picture from someone else's blog. I'm sure that you found the Sinful Colors Unicorn pic by googling the name of the color and just used the first pic you came to, but the picture is of my hand and was posted in my blog months ago. When you use someone else's photos, what you should do is link to the photo on their blog. If you don't want to do that, you should ALWAYS tell which blog/blog author the original photo came from.

    Thanks for clearing this up quickly!