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I needed to run to Walgreens to get some nail polish remover.  It's basically IMPOSSIBLE for me to go there without buying at least one bottle of polish.  Well, this time I bought FOUR.  And a new Sinful Colors basecoat.  So, here they are:

Wet N' Wild in Gray's Anatomy
Wet N' Wild in 9021Orange
Wet N' Wild in Night Prowl
Wet N' Wild in Rain Check

I have a friend that is a nail tech and she always gives me guff for buying cheap polishes, but you know, if you've got Seche Vite it turns ANY polish into magic!  Besides if you expand your horizons there are so many more color options.  

And here is what I did today:
The base is NYC in Sidewalkers
The chain design is in Sinful Colors Black on Black
The plate that I used for this design is Bundle Monster BM12.  

Please, let me know what you think.  Comments are ALWAYS welcome!

4 Responses
  1. sister Says:

    i have the grays anatomy and it doesnt look anything like what yours does on the nail, it was very sheer for me and took 5 coats. UGH! i posted on luuux about it if you wanna read it.

  2. sister Says:

    i used a topcoat..sally hansens insta dri