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I saw Bundle Monster's Facebook post last night and since I wasn't home, I couldn't post.  I emailed Prettyfulz, so she could let everyone know!  But Bundle Monster has finally received their whole set.  It's gorgeous.  They've also released two more sneak peeks.  Also, if you look closely at the third picture you can see a few designs previously unreleased.  I'm sure since they've showed us these pictures they will release all plate previews soon.  So, without further ado:

Cute, huh?  I love the vintagey looking tree design and aztec-like pattern. 

 Sneak peek numero dos.  I can't get over how cute that rainbow is.  

Can you spy a few designs we haven't seen yet?  Hehe.  

We've also been told that they will have a backing similar to actual Konad plates, and the price will be $21.99 for the set of 25 plates!  How exciting, right?

Ok, here is the newspaper nails I promised.  

I certainly can't take credit for this design, I did bite it from Starving Nail Addict.  I think I've come up with my own method, which seems simpler.  

STEP 1: Paint a base color, I chose NYC 207. 
STEP 2: Cut newspaper strips.
STEP 3: Soak Cottonball with rubbing alcohol. 
STEP 4: Lay newspaper on cottonball. 
STEP 5: Press firmly onto nail, hold 15 seconds, remove. 
STEP 6: Apply topcoat, I of course love SECHE VITE.  

I used my China Glaze Ruby Pumps to stamp the lips on my thumb and ring fingers from Bundle Monster plate BM02. 

6 Responses
  1. Prettyfulz Says:

    holy crap! your newspaper nails came out soo cute! & adding that kiss mark to it was genius!! That would be super cute for vtines day- it would be like a little love letter mani, I just might have to do this one<33

  2. Dale Says:

    The newspaper nails are so cool. I've never seen anything like that.
    Nice blog, following.


  3. Julia--not my original idea. I linked where I found it.

    Dale--thanks for taking a peek at my piece of the web! Thanks for being a follower. I'll check out your blog a little later.

  4. May I ask you, where do you buy these Konad plates (25 plates for 21.99$)?

    Your manis are beautiful!!! Like them! :)

  5. They're not actual Konad plates. They are called Bundle Monster plates. They actually have two sets now. The first one is 21 plates for $17.99 and the second is 25 plates for $21.99. You ca find them on

  6. Thank you, Cerish! I must buy them! :D