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I finished the desk and chair Sunday around 9pm.  I apologize that it's taken so long to post pictures.  I decided to skip step 2, so as not to spoil the surprise.  So, without further ado:

{Ugly & Neglected}

{Distressed & Renewed}

I sanded everything down in preparation for paint, then applied two layers of Black Rustoleum.  I let it dry for 10 hours and then sanded and hammered the pieces to my heart's desire. 

Here's another Before & After:
{love it, love it, love it}

{I love the handles turned upside down}  
{And I was skeptical about turning the missing drawer into a book shelf, but not anymore!}

Thought you deserved to see the whole reading nook!  Just in time for winter!
{The painting on the mantel was done by an ex-friend (long story), but I still love it.}
{The vase on the fireplace was done by me, in high school.}
{The dried roses are from my sweetie.}
{The picture above the desk is a Salvador Dali print ripped from a book and framed.}

Might as well share the new living room set
{Couch purchased from Aaron's}
{The paintings behind the couch are by our friend, Loren Shaw}
{The four on the opposite wall are watercolors by my sweetie's 9-yr-old daughter}
{Notice the X-Box controller *rolls eyes*}

{42" Sharp Aquos}
{Is it obvious I've been working a lot?  Only the X-Box on the shelf}

Thank you for all that commented and believed in my DIY abilities.  This was my first time refinishing any piece of furniture.  It's fun!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It all looks great!!

  2. Heather Says:

    The reading nook looks great!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today.

  3. Thanks so much for the link Chrerish! I can't beleive it's your first refinishing project!

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  5. Hi! I am responding to your question about our link party and giveaway. Just go on our blog tonight 9pm central time and there will be a post saying that the party is open. Click on the link we will have to post and copy paste the url for the post you want to enter from your blog. Type the name you want it to appear as. Then edit your post to link it back to our party with our button or our url! Hope this helps answer your questions!!!! If not email me back! Can't wait to see your project!

  6. maria Says:

    Love it! Very classy.

  7. nancygrayce Says:

    Not only beautiful, but inspirational!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I love how you turned the bottom shelf missing into a design opportunity! I love the use of it as a shelf! Awesome job!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    wow! i like it alot. good job!

  10. Your reading nook looks so nice and the dresser looks great! The bookshelf was a good idea! Thanks for linking up with us! ~ Ashley

  11. Cherish! What fine work! Thats awesome! Just thought I would stop by and say Thank you for being a follower of Tales from Bloggeritaville.Have a wonderful weekend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  12. Thank you to everyone for all the sincere comments!!! And you are welcome, Ashley, I want me that pink hammer!!