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I remember I learned how to hand-knit when I was 5 or 6 in day care, my Mom was going back to college. He was 6 or 7, older than me, I remember. Jerome. He had a backpack full of yarn and he pulled it out and showed me how to hand-knit. I've been thinking of ways to use this craft ever since. My favorite is and always will be rope scarves. ((Click on the words hand-knit for a tutorial)).

I usually wear one in the summer, and then start piling them on in the winter. You can braid them, tie them in knots, and layer them....No matter what they're cute.

If you are interested in purchasing one or a few, they're $5 each. Any color you want. Email me if you are interested.
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  1. Anonymous Says:
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  2. Anonymous Says:

    i got me a cherry one of a kind hand knitted piece

  3. Cherish Says:

    Do you? What is it, I don't remember? Is that bad? Sorry.