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I have a few nail designs to share with you today.  One is today's mani, one is yesterday's and one was from a a month or so ago.  I also want to share my tattoo with you guys and the story behind it.  
 This polish is one of my favorites!  It's Nails Inc- Belgrave Palace.  It's a purple that appears sorta blueish in pics and in the sun.  I stamped the leopard print (Konad M57) with Sinful Colors White on White.  The strange thing is when I put on the top coat (Seche Vite) the white seems to seep into the purple and kinda fades.  I really enjoy the way it looks though...
This is BEFORE the top coat, the picture above that is WITH top coat.  Weird, huh?
Ok, so here is yesterday's mani::
 Fun and simple.  The BC stands for Brandon & Cherish.  
I loved this one.  The Polish is Sally Hansen Green Tea.  The stamp is a Red Angel stamp RA109.  
I really hope that you guys enjoy my nail designs.
Now, I really want to share my tattoo with you guys.  It's a memorial piece that I got for my Dad.  He passed away in 2001 from Esophageal Cancer.  He was a wonderful man who didn't get to enjoy much of his life, he was taken away far too young.  He was a heavily tattooed fella, so I thought this was the perfect way to memorialize him.  
The green and blue bird is DAD.  The purple and blue one is ME.  The pink and blue bird is my little sister.  
I love it!!!  It means SO much to me, and was planned for 11 years.  
Well, thanks for reading today guys.  Comment and come back tomorrow!!
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