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Hi guys, 
Sorry I haven't posted in a week.  I've been trying to drum up votes for the Bundle Monster contest.  Well, I lost.  Sad, but I will still be buying the new set!  They will be released on the 25th of this month.  $21.99 for the 25 plate set.  Here is today's sneak peaks:

Aren't they adorable??  I love all the Chinese symbols and the holiday themes! That skull and crossbones is AWESOME!
Ok, now it's time to catch up on last week's manis...
The base is Sinful Colors Black on Black. 
I used Konad White to stamp using plate BM21. 
I LOVE the way this one turned out!  Apologies for the lack of cleanup...
The base is NYC Sidewalkers. 
The stamp is of course Black on Black by Sinful Colors. 
The stamp is M64.  One of my new favorites. 
My Easter Egg nails.  In the spirit of saving myself from from Carpel Tunnel, I'm just going to list the plates I used, because there are ten different colors there.  TOO MUCH! 
The plates used here were M64, M60 & M65.  

7 Responses
  1. Prettyfulz Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 4 more days!!!!!!! I can't wait! I need to update my blog ASAP. I can't believe they are finally going to be my hands in around a week! & those manis are all sooo cute! I love the color combos<3 & that sucks about the contest but at least they are only $25 for the whole set!

  2. mrsrexy Says:

    Love the manis! Looking forward to your Easter nails...I'm also looking forward to getting the new BM many holiday images will be great!

  3. Prettyfulz Says:

    THE NEW BUNDLE MONSTER PLATES ARE ON SALE!!! I JUST ORDERED MINE!!!!!! EEK! - Anyways, for your nail design, try to do something for easter<3

  4. April K Says:

    I love all of these designs!

  5. Olivia Says:

    I need to get these! I've been wanting to try stamping for so long, not sure whether to buy the old set or the new one now though. x

  6. I would suggest the second set if you HAVE to choose. Just because there's LOTS of Holiday designs and the full nail designs are much larger. But the first set had lots and lots of cool designs too!

  7. KarenD Says:

    Great manis! I can't decide on a favorite.