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So this post is going to be a little different than what I normally post.  But I guess that's sorta the point of this blog.  It's not a nail polish, it's not a fashion blog.  It's just a blog about stuff that I like, my cup of tea, so to speak.  LOL!  Sorry, had to.  Anyways, here they are. 
 Black, they have silver swirls on the temples!  I'll be doing a mani to match soon!
**I'm starting to realize I need to get a darker foundation now that I am tanning**
I actually really like these ones, because of how NOT low-key they are.  I usually reach for something low key and non-noticeable when wearing glasses, but that's why I like these!
I look really surprised!  LOL!  But these are my favorites!! They're not crooked, my head is tilted!  

So I thought I would share WHY I bought three pairs.  They were all under $20!  Take a visit to Zenni Optical.  If any of my friends decide to order and need help or advice on what to choose and what options to include on lenses, keep in mind that I was an Optician for a few years.  So I'm free for vision advice!  

I would LOVE opinions!!  Thanks Lovelies!
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  1. They all really suit you! I desperately need new glasses as my kids have managed to spectacularly damage my three pairs beyond repair! You got great bargains too :)

  2. Hi Helen,

    You should definitely check out Zenni. The only thing that you need is a recent prescription and your puppillary distance measurement. They'll take this measurement any place that sells glasses for free. If you are really determined there are ways to do this at home with a ruler (with someone's help). You can google it. I would certainly suggest getting it professionally taken though. Not having the correct number can cause lots of eye strain and fatigue and can actually cause damage to eyes. Anyways, if you decide to buy some glasses from there let me know and I can help in any way. They're frames range from $6.95-$39.95. Including basic lenses. Let me know. Thanks for the comment!! Feel free to look around and Follow me!! I will come check out your site here soon!