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Alrighty, I'm not normally one to get my nails done too often.  I enjoy doing it myself.  But every once in a while I want to be pampered.  In this case, my best friend just got her nail technician license and needed practice.  She did some pink & white acrylics for me.  I added the glitter to the tips and of course two coats of Seche Vite!!
 Didn't she do such a great job?  She also doesn't use a drill or electric file.  This is all by hand.  You rock, Dahianna.  I love you!
I got my Bundle Monster plates yesterday too!!!  After I get tired of the simplicity of these nails I will experiment with them. For now, here is a pic!
It's ok to be jealous!
Speaking of jealous!  I hit the Clearance racks at Claire's today and got 9 pairs of earrings, a necklace, and an eyeliner set.  For $10.  Here is my SCORE!
I'm so stoked to set out my outfits for the week and match up my jewelry!!!
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  1. Prettyfulz Says:

    YAYY!! I was wondering if you ordered your set yet! I didn't get any duplicates, but one of my images has an imperfection. Did they still give you all the plates though or are you missing one? & omg I am sooo jealous of your jewelry purchases. I love when Claires has those sales. Although mine dosn't have anything nearly as cute. I love the owl earrings<3

  2. None missing and fortunately no messed up plates. Just one extra! LOL! Lucky me!

  3. Fab nails, wish I could have mine like that :-(

  4. Because I'm a guy and guys aren't allowed too :-(

  5. Mind you it didn't stop me getting my toes minxed at Xmas lol.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    dang, i need to hit up claires!!

  7. Amanda Says:

    I am SO jealous of that awesome Claire's haul! So much fun stuff you got there! Might need to stalk mine soon :)