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My nails were getting pretty long, and I was beginning to love it.  And what happens when I start to love my nails?  One breaks, cracks, chips or I slice it off while shaving my legs in the shower.  Yup, I know its happened to you.  If not, you're a LUCKY!  


((In case no one's noticed, I like to take some of my nail pictures in the car as the lighting is the best.  That's my steering wheel.  The second best place is at work in the kitchen.  It's just the lighting...Daylight is always best.  
So, here is a new mani, with short nails.  I don't mind the length too much though.  At least they're all even!
I know this one is a bit busy and that wasn't my intention.  Although I still kinda like it anyways.  The picture really does this manicure no justice.  This was shot 1 of 56 and was the best I could get.  
The base is Sinful Colors "I Love You" {{Three coats}}
Over top of that I applied Sinful Colors "Frenzy" {{New buy, look back}}
Then I stamped L.A. Colors in Silver using my Bundle Monster BM16 plate.  

I'd really like to know everyone's HONEST opinions on this one.  I didn't like it at first, but it realllly sparkles in the daylight.

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