Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
 Dark purple with alternating inside and outside diamond patterns in silver. 
 Yellow Zebra Print.
 Pink Zebra Print.
 Black Polka Dot with black tip french mani.
 Gliterry pink with black kisses ((Valentine's Day))
 Blue with white flowers.
 Another Valentine's Mani.  There's also some white heart rhinestones I've recently purchased from Ebay.
 Superbowl nails.  Was it clear that I was routing for the Steelers?
 Lavendar with Purple Spirals. 
 My favorite: Lavendar with white polka dots and black peace signs.
Purple with a silver starburst on my ring finger created with small strips of scotch tape. 
If you have any questions on how any of these are done, please feel free to ask.  Thanks.  
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4 Responses
  1. ashley Says:

    I wanna know how to do the zebra strip! i love it!

  2. Shannon Daniels Says:

    I seriously cannot pick a favorite. I love the peace sign and polk-a-dots and I love the lips but they are all great!!

  3. Sis, the zebra is just a konad plate...

    Shannon, thanks.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I still love the top pic the best. Wish you could do that for me, they are perfect for Mardi Gras. My second favorite is the lavendar with purple spirals. They are all so pretty.