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I apologize for the delay on this post.  I won't delay any longer.
Here is the truffle recipe I stole from Food Network:
These beautiful candies are FN's version.

This is my messy version.

I added chopped almonds to the chocolate,
and I think that made them much better. 

I MUST share our turkey!!!
It's smoked, not burnt!  And it was amazingly juicy. 
This recipe is a SECRET!!!

Something cool that I have discovered lately is the bulk section of Winco. 
It's awesome for the cook of the family (my honey). 
We get our spices 50-75% just using the bulk section at Winco. 
Also they have great candies!!!  I miss these:
I'm chilling eating these, watching Funny People
and hanging out with the cutest pit bull in the world.

Introducing Miss Marilyn Monroe.  Isn't she precious?  
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    pk @ Room Remix
    Those truffles look FABULOUS! yum...

  2. eunoia Says:

    awww...that happens. most of the stuff i cook, never 'looks' as good as they show in the recipe book but it tastes just as good so is worth it.

    and marilyn monroe is the cutest! awesome pic. i love the pose.