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 ((It was brought to my attention that I say Y'all a lot in my greetings and that I should mix it up, so WELCOME!))
So, the roof is DONE!  Boy am I excited....and it looks great! Here is the photo:
Looks great, huh?  What a load of our shoulders!  Right before winter and as you can tell by the sky, right before the rain hit!  

Oh, and the best part...I CAN PARK IN MY DRIVEWAY AGAIN!!
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Hi y'all!
I'm back to tell you guys some exciting news. We are getting our new roof installed!!!
After much dancing around and looking for just the right company we found one.  We picked the shingle, the color, the underlayment and we scheduled it.  
First appointment:  It was too hot and they had to reschedule. 
Second appointment:  It was too rainy so they had to schedule.  
Third appointment: THIRD TIME'S A CHARM!  They started two days ago and should be done tomorrow.  
Here is a picture after laying the underlayment and starting on the shingles!
We chose ANTIQUE BLACK and the house is actually a dark sage green.  We just painted three months ago.  I will post a blog about that soon!  I will post a before and after in a few days!  But it looks great so far and we are really excited to have it done before winter arrives!!!

Thanks for reading!!
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I want to share a few crafts with you.  The first is the blanket that I was sharing progress on before my hiatus.  If you don't recall, it's this one.  
Here is the final result.  
He really liked the way it turned out!  And it's huge!

Another project was a $10 table that I acquired from a yard sale FB group.  
This is right next to my fridge in the kitchen.  There is no counter there (which I think is odd), and this is where he kept our trash and recycling cans.  I really wanted a more aestetic solution.  SO I bought this table, added a small curtain and turned it into my Keurig station!
I love it!
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Hey y'all,
So...if you know me---you know that I've struggled with my weight...well, my WHOLE DAMN LIFE.  My super awesome BeachBody Coach, Kenna Shell has started a DietBet!!!  I joined and am super stoked to get some results.  
The rules are::
1. Pay $25 to join.  
2. Lose 4% of your total weight (7 pounds for me) in 28 days. 
3. Collect your percentage of the pot.  
Our pot is $6,530 so let's see how this turns out.  I will keep y'all updated.  Wish me luck!
--HEY, share some stories, advice, tips...whatever--
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HI there y'all.  I'm back!!  I just wanted to give a real quick shout out to let everyone know that I will be reviving the blog.  This will take me a while.  
As it always has been, this blog will be about specific topic. 
Thank you to all who read this blog and come back after my crappy computer hiatus!
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I have a few nail designs to share with you today.  One is today's mani, one is yesterday's and one was from a a month or so ago.  I also want to share my tattoo with you guys and the story behind it.  
 This polish is one of my favorites!  It's Nails Inc- Belgrave Palace.  It's a purple that appears sorta blueish in pics and in the sun.  I stamped the leopard print (Konad M57) with Sinful Colors White on White.  The strange thing is when I put on the top coat (Seche Vite) the white seems to seep into the purple and kinda fades.  I really enjoy the way it looks though...
This is BEFORE the top coat, the picture above that is WITH top coat.  Weird, huh?
Ok, so here is yesterday's mani::
 Fun and simple.  The BC stands for Brandon & Cherish.  
I loved this one.  The Polish is Sally Hansen Green Tea.  The stamp is a Red Angel stamp RA109.  
I really hope that you guys enjoy my nail designs.
Now, I really want to share my tattoo with you guys.  It's a memorial piece that I got for my Dad.  He passed away in 2001 from Esophageal Cancer.  He was a wonderful man who didn't get to enjoy much of his life, he was taken away far too young.  He was a heavily tattooed fella, so I thought this was the perfect way to memorialize him.  
The green and blue bird is DAD.  The purple and blue one is ME.  The pink and blue bird is my little sister.  
I love it!!!  It means SO much to me, and was planned for 11 years.  
Well, thanks for reading today guys.  Comment and come back tomorrow!!
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Ah, I think today will be a two-post kinda day.  Right now, I want to share with you my large crochet project.  I'm making a color block blanket for the man in my life.  It will be 48 large squares with 4 different colors.  We have country blue, olive green, brown and a tan that has flecks of each color in it.  I will post a picture of my progress here periodically.  Hopefully this gets you guys excited to see the final product!!
 Current count is as follows:
Country Blue:: 12
Olive Green:: 7
Tan:: 3
Brown:: 3
SO 25 down and 23 to go!!!!
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Hi guys,
I have today's nail design to share with you and also a crochet project.  
The nails::
 I've been looking for a design to use my fairy stamp.  I finally came up with something that I think works well.  I used a light pink glittery polish from Savina.  Obviously the fairy (Red Angel plate) and lace were stamped in black.  My go to black to stamp with is Sinful Colors Back in Black.  Works great!!  As always its sealed with SECHE VITE!  Unfortunately, my plates & polish are at home and I am not; so if you have any questions about specific stamps or polishes I used please leave a comment and I will certainly get the information to you.  
And to the crochet project::
I made a headband!  It was a quick project, but I really enjoy the way it turned out.  If anyone is interested in one of their own, I can make them in any color.  Only $5.  Tons of fun!!!  
Tell me what you think!
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I TOLD you I'd be back.  Like I said there's lots of new things going on for me.  I got to celebrate one year at my job this January.  Pretty exciting.  I celebrated four months with a magnificent man this month as well.  You'll hear more about him later!!  I bought a new car on New Year's Eve.  It was an adventure!  My collection of nail supplies has increased.  FUN FUN FUN!!!
So, the boy:
His name is Brandon.  He's amazing beyond belief.  We met online, so to those who don't believe that's a valid option for meeting a good man; you're WRONG!  He makes me so happy.  Pictures will come, once I talk to him about it.  Or if you're real nosey you can check out my Facebook!
The car:

It's a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4.  And it's PURPLE!  I'm in love with it!!!  It runs great, I had it thoroughly looked over and had to have the dealership replace the brakes and tires which they obliged.  It's a great ride except for GAS!!!  EEeekk!!  But if anyone remembers I had a V6 Toyota Camry that was quite the gas-hog because of all the issues it had.  The dealership gave me $2100 for it!!!  That's simply nuts because the KBB value is only $800.  I kept my mouth shut!  It'll be ALL MINE in three years!  Woot!

My bestie built me this amazing nail polish rack.  It really holds about 170.  If you can't tell, lots of the shelves are doubled up, I have to use the top as a shelf and lots are sitting on the shelf below it.  I'm in need of another one, but I LOVE IT.  Which brings me to the next collection.  I went from 180 polishes to 223 in about 4 months.  In this time, my stamping plate collection has also increased from 76 to 127.  I'm a little surprised because I thought I had a much larger problem :P
I'm intrigued to see who will come back to me since I sorta abandoned y'all.  Hope to see some responses.  
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Hey there folks, 
The reason that I have been MIA is because my laptop broke.  I FINALLY have a new (to me) one.  So we are back to action.  There are lots of things that I need to update.  I have tons and tons of new polishes, plates and a really awesome nail polish rack. Built for me by my super kick ass best friend.  There's lots of new happenings in my life and I will eventually get to them all.  I'm hoping to see you all come back here and hope that I haven't lost any of my readers.  
Cherish @ My Cup of Tea
So, as promised here are the entries for the contest that I entered.  There are 44 entries.  Some will be redundant to my usual readers.  But some will be very new to you all.  Each has a caption stating what it is.  As always, if you have a question about what polish or stamp I've used, you can always feel free to ask. 
 I did this one for Autism Awareness Month.  Clouds with a white dove. 
 Pink and Black Zebra Print.
 These are still, by far, one of my favorites.  They were so fun to do. 
 Yellow Zebra Print.
 Getting tired of Zebra Print?  I think there's one more in here...
 Black with Silver Butterflies.
 Shades of Purple Leopard.
 These were my Easter Nails!
 Hello Kitty Pretty!
 Birds of a feather!  She said this one was acceptable!
 Bunnies and glitter!!!!!!!! **Said in the voice of Flo**  ((Tell me if you get it...))
 Butterflies.  I honestly did not care for these AT ALL. 
 Sassy Kitty Nails.  I looooooved these!!
 Lizard Nails.  These were cool.
 Piggy nails!  My bf loves these. 
 Goat nails.  My best friend loved these. 
 Dead fish in the sea....
 Peacock nails.  Sometimes I wish I could copyright my designs. 
 Copper Monkeys.  CUTENESS!
 Froggies on their lillypads. 
 Panda time!!!
 Just some bears!!
 These turned out cool, too!
 Scorpion/Star Nails.  I really think I'll do these again.  At least the stars.  I love the way they are the perfect shape for my nails...
 Asian kitties.  I think...Not sure.  But they are cute.
 Ladybugs.  Of course my other bestie loved these, she's in love with ladybugs.
 Kissing Swans.  I will definitely be duplicating these for Valentine's Day or perhaps an anniversary!
 Ugly duckling.
 Ok, normally I wouldn't post a pic of a pedicure but I wanted just one more entry...I HATE my feet.
 Zebra tips.
 Glittery Zebra..
 These would be perfect for a dinner at Red Lobster!
 Purple Kitties.
 Haha, cow nails!!
 Puppydog nails!
 Pink kitties!
 Orange Zebras!
Oregon State Beavers.

Sooo....What does everyone think?  Opinions.  What's your favorite(s)???